Sent: Friday, 19 April 2013, 9:28
Subject: Thank you

Dear Sue and Zoe,


Please forgive the delay in writing to you.  Our home is still full of people from various corners of the globe and it has been difficult finding a moment to tickle the keyboard!  However, before too much time elapses, Gerald and I would like to say a big thank you for all that you did to help make Jess and Bryn’s day so special.


So many people commented on the excellent canapes and dinner  you provided and indeed, the food was delicious and served so beautifully by your staff who were remarkably unobtrusive, quietly going about their deliveries of food to each table with such good grace and manners.  They were a credit to your company.  I chose the vegetarian option, not because I am a vegetarian but because it sounded so delicious, and it was.  I had the fortunate option too of pinching a small morsel of lamb and that too was delicious - and everyone loved the puddings! So thank you, thank you for all your advice and recommendations, for all your hard work up to and including the final delivery of excellent food on Saturday.


I must apologise to you.  Only the next day did I hear that you very quietly accommodated another child due to some misunderstanding on behalf of the parents and that was so kind of you to do so in a discreet manner without making anyone feel awkward.  And then there was the issue of the water jugs.  After establishing with Robin that water from the taps was good at the barn and that jugs would be used, I simply forgot about ordering the jugs.  This small crisis would have been avoided had we stuck to our original plan to serve still bottled water.  Anyway, once again, you sorted us out and I do thank you for this and of course, apologise too.


We were indeed fortunate to live locally and to have word-of-mouth recommendations from a few people in the area when choosing our caterers.  We would not hesitate in guiding others in the direction of Sue Brady Catering and of course, we had the added advantage of you having worked and celebrated at Wick Bottom Barn in the past.


Truly, it was a most happy celebration for us all and you went such a long way to ensuring that it would be.  Many thanks again to you both and to your staff.


Kind regards and best wishes,


Glynis and Gerald Long