Sent: Friday, 8 May  20134  8:22
Subject: Customer Feedback


I just wanted to give you some feedback about your service.

I have contacted you a few times by phone to sort out some issues with my Daughters school lunch orders; I have always received a fantastic service from you, friendly, helpful, personal, in short I don't think your service could have been better (even when I have been late ordering her meals!!).

As to the meals themselves, well Phoebe comes home most days with a sticker to say she has eaten it all up, even things I was a little dubious about her eating, such as Thai curry, she has  eaten and has told me were nice. The other thing I have noticed is that she readily eats a wider variety of foods at home since starting school dinners.

Thanks for doing such a super job, I am really pleased to have a personal service and the children are having such good food.

Best wishes

A mother and her daughter

[name held on file]